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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grassoline - Fuel of the Future

Scientific American explores the possibility of certain alternatives to oil in the July 2009 issue. Interestingly enough, Destiny's Sustainable Energy Farm is testing several grass crops, including jatropha.

"By now it ought to be clear that the U.S. must get off oil," states the article. "We can no longer afford the dangers that our dependence on petroleum poses for our national security. Yet civilization is not about to stop moving, and so we must invest a new way to power the world's transportation fleet."

It's obvious we need to change, but as this article concludes, that change will take more than green grass, it will take the other kind of green. Petroleum companies for nearly a century have had dedicated research and development, investment in technology, and most already own their equipment... alternative fuel production requires investment in all of these areas.

With the cost of fuel at $60 a barrel, it's difficult for the greener alternative to prevail. But, with technology and new developments in producing sustainable energy crops - and with the inevitable increase in oil prices - greener alternatives are sure to make it to market very soon. Destiny is proud to be a part of this crucial development in the way we fuel our economy and our nation's future.

Read the full text of "Grassoline: Biofuels beyond Corn."

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